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Experiencing Renewables

This website is designed to allow users (e.g., customers who have purchased a product generated with renewable energy) to experience an amazing virtual turbine with augmented reality. With a humanized wind turbine placed at any location, users can easily understand and experience where the renewable energy comes from while viewing relevant data.

The website is designed to provide an immersive AR experience of wind turbines on a variety of devices. The 3D modeled wind turbine is experienced interactively on any smooth table surface. The wind turbine appears on the screen as soon as an AR layer is detected. In addition, the interactive UI buttons provide a variety of ways to interact with the “humanized” wind turbine and obtain information.

What exactly can you expect from the website? After opening the page, you have the option to start the AR experience and begin your journey with the humanized wind turbine immediately. After clicking the “Discover” button, you can hold the camera on any surface. Through the website, you can see the humanized wind turbine and learn more about the green energy data or similar knowledge if you are interested.